Pam and Jerry North, Merton and Susan Heimrich, Nathan and Rose Shapiro, John Stein, Tony Cook, Bernie
Simmons, Bill and Dorian Weigand. If you know these people then you probably understand the title of this page.
Frances and Richard Lockridge spent 40+ years creating and expanding the palpable universe in which the
characters named above, lived, loved and solved murder cases.

From 1940's The Norths Meet Murder until Mrs. Lockridge's death in 1963, they were an incredibly consistent
and prolific team. (
There was an earlier book published in 1936 titled simply "Mr. & Mrs. North". It was a
compilation of numerous North stories that appeared in The New Yorker throughout the 1930's.

I have read that she plotted the books and he wrote them. Whatever the division of labor, the end result was
some of the most enjoyable adult detective fiction I have ever read.

Information about the Lockridges and their books is somewhat spotty. Here I will attempt to pass along what
information I have found as well as that which I have personally researched.
Distinctly of An Era...

The works of Frances and Richard Lockridge