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The principal cast members are Pam and Jerry North, Bill Weigand, Merton Heimrich, Nathan Shapiro, and Bernie Simmons. Whirling
about this core are numerous others such as Sergeant Mullins, John Stein, Dorian Weigand, and Tony Cook. In fact there are dozens of
recurring characters who appear in supporting roles. The town of Van Brunt for instance contains more "characters" then you can shake
a martini at.

The Lockridge books are the only series of which I happily collect book club editions. They are plentiful for the most part and reasonably
inexpensive, although some of the older titles are hard to find. The attractive thing about the book-club-editions is the fact that over
almost the entire series, they were available in an appealing form that hardly varied. This makes for a nice display on the book shelf!

My only criticism of the series was the fact that after Frances died, Mr. Lockridge allowed his political opinions to intrude to a greater
extent. However, this was normally limited to a few harmless comments, and generally can be shrugged off as just another piece of the
scenery. {
2014 additional note: I've found that given enough time passage that I frequently decide to disagree with myself. I have recently re-read all
of the Pam & Jerry North books and found to my surprise that in fact the political overtones are present throughout the entire series. When I manage to
summon the energy I intend to write a piece examining this issue at greater length. mj }
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Detail from the dust-jacket for
Death by Association, one of the
Lockridge's very best efforts.