As of February 2010 my personal collection of Lockridge titles stands at 90 and I am not aware of any
others. The list below is divided into the various sub-series. Some books are not part of a sub-set and
are listed under MISC. Under "Other" are books that are not of the "shared universe".  

After the title and copyright date I have added a few personal comments about some of the books. Naturally.

Captain/Inspector Heimrich
The Tenth Life (1977) A good ending to the series. REVIEW
Dead Run (©1976)
Not I, Said the Sparrow (©1973)
Inspector's Holiday (©1971 )
Unusual. Takes place on the high seas. Obvious bad guy.
A Risky Way to Kill (©1969)
With Option to Die (©1967)
Murder Roundabout (©1966)
Murder Can't Wait (©1964)
The Distant Clue (©1963)
First Come, First Kill (©1962)
With One Stone (©1961) Subpar book. Obvious. Very limited number of possible suspects.
Show Red For Danger (©1960) OK book but a very obvious solution. Unusual emotional outburst by Heimrich.
Accent On Murder (©1958) Good book. Very surprising in some respects.
Practice to Decieve (©1957) Excellent book. The story moves along nicely and the solution is not clear until the end.
Let Dead Enough Alone (©1955) Good book though somewhat claustrophobic.
Burnt Offering (©1955) Pivotal and engaging book.
Death and the Gentle Bull (©1954) Good book.
Stand Up and Die (©1953) This is not one of my favorites.
Death by Association (©1952) Very good book, takes place out-of-state.
A Client is Cancelled (©1951) Excellent! Written from a different perspective.
Foggy, Foggy Death (©1950)  Very good book.
Spin Your Web Lady (1949) Hard to find. VERY GOOD book!
I Want To Go Home (©1948) Good book but aggravating at times
Think Of Death (1947) Good book. Well plotted and not obvious as to the solution. Heimrich's role is limited.

Mr. & Mrs. North
Murder By The Book (1963) Good book, takes place in Florida. The last Pam and Jerry mystery.
Murder Has Its Points (1961)
The Judge Is Reversed (1960)
Murder is Suggested (1959)
The Long Skeleton (1958) Decent book but not one of my favorites. Somewhat unlikely at times.
Voyage Into Violence (1956)
Death of an Angel (1955)
A Key To Death (1954)
Curtain For A Jester (1953) The first Lockridge book I read as a teenager.
Death Has A Small Voice (1953) Good book. Edgier than the average North book. Dyckman University is mentioned.
Dead As A Dinosaur (1952) Off-beat, slightly diffrent feel than most of the North books.
Murder Comes First (1951)
Murder In A Hurry (1950)
The Dishonest Murderer (1949) Good but not great.
Murder Is Served (1948)
The Untidy Murderer (1947)
Murder Within Murder (1946) Outstanding book. It was the final North book I read and what a great one to experience last.
Death Of A Tall Man (1946) Painfully obvious but very good book otherwise. Captain Heimrich has a cameo.
Payoff For the Banker (1945)
Killing The Goose (1944)
Death Takes A Bow (1943)
Hanged For A Sheep (1942) Good book. Somewhat bizarre cast of actors. Sense of the WWll is strong.
Death on the Aisle (1942)
A Pinch of Poison (1941) Kind of a mess and all over the place.
Murder Out Of Turn (1940) Good book. Key book for Weigand. Heimrich has a supporting role.
The Norths Meet Murder (1940) Very good. I am glad I did not read this book first, as it makes it more interesting.
Mr. & Mrs. North (1936) This is not a detective story but rather 4 to 8 page, generally quite humorous, shorts or "casuals"..

Lieutenant Shapiro
The Old Die Young (1980)  Solid book. Richard Lockridge's last.  REVIEW
A Streak of Light (1976)
Or Was He Pushed? (1975)
Write Murder Down (1972)
Preach No More (1970)
Die Laughing (1969)
Murder For Art's Sake (1967) w/Dorian Weigand
Murder & Blueberry Pie (1959)
The Faceless Adversary (1956) cameo appearance

Professor Brinkly/Bernie Simmons/John Stein/Paul Lane/Bill Weigand
Death On The Hour (1974) Simmons & Stein
Something Up A Sleeve (1972) Simmons, Stein, & Lane
Twice Retired (1970) Brinkley, Simmons, & Stein
A Plate of Red Herrings (1968) Simmons & Stein
Murder In False Face (1968) I have reclassified this one from MISC. Paul Lane has a cameo apperance. Good book.
Squire Of Death (1965) Simmons
Quest Of The Bogeyman (1964) Paul Lane. One of just two books that feature Paul Lane in the lead role.
The Devious Ones (1964) Simmons & Stein
Night Of Shadows (1962) Paul Lane. Good book. Contains reference to Heimrich but not by name.
And Left for Dead (1961) Appearances and/or mentions of Simmons, Stein and Weigand
The Tangled Cord (1957) Bill Weigand

Death In A Sunny Place (1971)
Troubled Journey (1969) Excellent book! Coming at the tail end of my collection, it was great to find this gem.
The Ticking Clock (1962) A tense nail biter, probably my least favorite sub-genre. Cameo appearance by two old friends.
The Drill is Death (1961) Good book. Off beat.
The Golden Man (1960) Strange book. Creepy feel to it. Very unusual in that it largely takes place in a very squalid setting.
The Innocent House (1959) Very hard to find book due to poor quality paper.
Catch As Catch Can (1957)
One of the first Lockridge books I read. Good non-stop action.

One Lady, Two Cats (1967) by Richard Lockridge
Encounter in Key West (1966) by Richard Lockridge,
very good book, very much different than the average Lockridge title
The Empty Day (1964) by Richard Lockridge
The Cat Who Rode Cows (1955)
The Nameless Cat (1954)
The Lucky Cat (1953)
The Proud Cat (1951)
This one, and The Cat Who Rode Cows were the 89th and 90th books in my Lockridge collection.
Cats and People (1950)
A Matter Of Taste (1949) by Richard Lockridge Very unlike the Norths etc. A rather dark book. Interesting but also gruesome.
Sgt. Mickey and General Ike (1946) Michael McKeogh & Richard Lockridge
Death In The Mind  (1945)  by Richard Lockridge and George Estabrooks
Darling of Misfortune (1932) by Richard Lockridge



If you know of titles other than those listed above please let me know.
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