Frances & Richard Lockridge
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Titles listed below are for sale at the price indicated.

Shipping is via USPS Media Mail. First book $5.00 and each additional book $1.50.

Please email to verify that books are still available.

Payment by check or money order should be sent to:

Mark Johnson
4422 Spotswood Trail
Barboursville, Va. 22923

Condition grades are: AN=As New, FN=Fine, NF=Near Fine, VG=Very Good, G=Good, Fr=Fair, P=Poor

For an expanded explanation of grading and abbreviations check out the
Grading Key.

A Matter of Taste, Richard Lockridge, 1949, FIRST EDITION,  Lippincott, VG/Fr, $25
A Pinch of Poison, 1941,  ex-lib, Gimbel Brothers Library, Stokes, Fr/Fr, $15
A Risky Way To Kill, 1969, BCE, Lippincott, VG/VG, $5
Catch As Catch Can, 1957, FIRST EDITION, VG/VG- , $25
Dead Run, 1976, FIRST EDITION,  Lippincott, NF/VG, $25,
Dead Run, 1976, BCE, Lippincott, NF/VG-, $8
Death In the Mind, Richard Lockridge & George Estabrook, 1945, FIRST EDITION, Dutton, G/Fr, $95
Death Of a Tall Man, 1946, FIRST EDITION, Lippincott, VG+/VG, $50
Death On the Hour, 1974, FIRST EDITION, Lippincott, G+/G, $8
Death On the Hour, 1974, BCE, Lippincott, VG/VG, $5
Inspector's Holiday, 1971, BCE, Lippincott, VG/VG, $5
Practise To Deceive, 1957, BCE, Lippincott, G/G, $5
Preach No More, 1970, FIRST EDITION, ex-library, Lippincott, G-/G-, $5
The Innocent House, 1958, FIRST EDITION, tape marks on book, Lippincott, Scarce book, G/G, $60
The Judge Is Reversed, 1960, BCE, Lippincott, VG/VG $6
The Long Skeleton, 1958, BCE, Lippincott, G/VG, $5
The Long Skeleton, 1958, BCE, Lippincott, G/Fr, $3
Twice Retired, 1970, BCE, Lippincott, Fr/VG (book has major internal spine issue) $2
Write Murder Down, 1972, BCE, Lippincott, NF/VG, $5
Write Murder Down, 1972, BCE, Lippincott, VG/G, $5