The Morgan Bay Mysteries
This is a "new" series to me, having just recently ran across some titles on eBay. They were used in California public schools in the 1960's. If anyone knows of other states that used them please let me know at

The books are credited to John and Nancy Rambeau, and again any information on them will be gladly accepted. All I have gleaned in a quick search of the web is that they apprently wrote other series, and a number of school readers and the like.

Below is a list of titles I have found so far.

2. The Mystery of the Marble Angel,
3. The Mystery of the Midnight Visitor,
4. The Mystery of the Missing Marlin,
5. The Mystery of the Musical Ghost,
6. The Mystery of Monks' Island,
7. The Mystery of the Marauder's Gold
8. The Mystery of the Myrmidon's Journey.