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The Biff Brewster Mystery Adventure series produced 13 books between 1960-1965. Written by several authors under the pen name Andy Adams, this series was near the tail end of the golden years of series books. One very nice feature were the lavish endpapers which used "Ken Holt Green" and depicted two boys in a canoe on a jungle river. Later, as with many other series, the endpapers were changed to a cheaper, and greatly inferior, line drawing.

#1. 1960 Brazilian Gold Mine Mystery
#2. 1960 Mystery of the Chinese Ring
#3. 1960 Hawaiian Sea Hunt Mystery
#4. 1961 Mystery of the Mexican Treasure
#5. 1961 African Ivory Mystery
#6. 1961 Alaska Ghost Glacier Mystery
#7. 1962 Mystery of the Ambush in India
#8. 1962 Mystery of the Caribbean Pearls
#9. 1963 Egyptian Scarab Mystery
10. 1963 Mystery of the Tibetan Caravan
11. 1964 British Spy Ring Mystery
12. 1964 Mystery of the Arabian Stallion
13. 1965 Mystery of the Alpine Pass

The authorship of the Biff Brewster books is an unusual tangle. There seems to be broad agreement that at least three and maybe as many as five different people penned the stories:
1  Walter Gibson,  2  unknown,  3  unknown,  4  Walter Gibson,  5  Edward Pastore,
6  Peter Harkins,  7  Walter Gibson,  8  Edward Pastore,  9  Walter Gibson,
10 Peter Harkins,  11 Peter Harkins,  12 Peter Harkins,  13 Walter Gibson

Peter Harkins was also co-author of the first three Rick Brant books.

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