Women of The Fugitive
In his four years of criss crossing the country, Richard Kimble unsurprisingly met and in some cases
became involved with a great number of females. Given that this is Hollywood we are speaking of, it
is no surprise that those women were almost always young and attractive. Below are pictures of
many of those women. The first batch are from Season 1. This is not an exhaustive list for various
reasons but the vast majority of Kimble's leading ladies are here.  They are not shown in any
particular order.
Vera Miles
Brenda Vaccaro
Bethel Leslie
Beverly Garland
Diane Brewster
Elizabeth Allen
Ellen Madison
Geraldine Brooks
Joanna Frank
Joanna Moore
Madlyn Rhue
Nancy Malone
Nan Martin
Pamela Tiffin
Patricia Crowley
Ruta Lee
Sandy Dennis
Shirley Knight
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      Vera Miles                              Diana Brewster                 Elizabeth Allen                        Ellen Madison            
     Bethel Leslie                        Madlyn Rhue                        Joanna Moore                        Shirley Knight
      Sandy Dennis                        Beverly Garland                Geraldine Brooks                Nan Martin                
     Brenda Vaccaro                                        Ruta Lee                                        Nancy Malone
      Pamela Tiffin                    Patricia Crowley                        Susan Oliver                        Joanna Frank