I grade books with great care and generally am very conservative. I want you
to be happy with your purchase.

Please email me with any questions you have regarding the condition of any
of my books. I will answer as completely as possible.


P = Poor, All the text is there but cover may be missing, pages lose, heavy soiling may be present
Fr =Fair, Book is complete but shows heavy wear, may have broken hinges, soiling, water damage
G = Good, Book is complete and solid but shows obvious wear, most "used" books fall in this catagory
VG = Very Good, Above average, shows only minor wear, most non-collectors  would say it looks "new"
NF = Near Fine, Only very minor wear, should be bright and  new looking
Fn = Fine, Only extremely slight wear, has one or two tiny flaws, looks new in all other respects
AN = As New, Totally PERFECT, Not very many books make this grade, many "new" books even fail this

The above grading also applies to dust jackets, with the following clarifications:
P = Poor, Jacket is torn and tattered, large parts of it are missing, stained, demolished,
Fr = Fair, Jacket may be torn and stained, most of it is there but a flap or good sized chunk may be
G = Good, Jacket is complete, may have tears, chips missing, heavy wear at the flaps, spine top/bottom,

When a book has a dust jacket, the first rating is the book and the second the dust jacket.
EXAMPLE: VG/G would indicate a book in VG condition with a dust jacket in G condition.

+ and - symbols are used to denote books that fall between the main grading levels


BCE= book club edition
BEP = brown end papers
BGEP = brown Gretta end papers
DJ = dust jacket
EPs = endpapers
FFEP = front fixed end paper
FLEP = front loose end paper
FS = flat spine
OEP = orange end papers
OT = original text
PC = picture cover
RFEP = rear fixed end paper
RLEP = rear loose end paper
RS = rounded spine
WDJ = wrap dust jacket
WMP= white multi picture endpapers
YSDJ = yellow spine dust jacket
YSPC = yellow spine picture cover