I also discuss the works of Frances & Richard Lockridge and hold forth on a myriad of topics that interest me.

Goodolebooks has been on the web since 2000 in various iterations and presently I am still in the lengthy
process of transferring content from an old platform to this one.

Check out my "
People & Things I Like" page which will have links with new content added as I get to it.

While here you are also likely to stumble across various and sundry ruminations about our world and my
experiences in it. Look around, enjoy and come back often!
Welcome to GoodOleBooks!

This site's content is largely related to
series books such as the Hardy
Boys, Nancy Drew, Tom Swift, Rick Brant,
Ken Holt, Bronc Burnett, Connie Blair and
dozens of others.
David Janssen
I've most recently added a page about my love of
old TV shows and I plan to review various shows
as time permits. I began with
The Fugitive as I
consider it one of the best.
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