Old TV Shows That I Enjoy
One of the advantages to aging (to go along with all the lousy parts) is that you are expected to be
grumpy and opinionated so it bothers people less. I hate most of the stuff that is on television in the 21st
Century. The vast majority of it is mindless garbage. Whether its of the "reality" genre, sophomoric
comedy genre (apparently written by 14 year-old boys), or political indoctrination genre ( disguised as
"important" socially relevant entertainment) it largely turns my stomach. There are some well done
shows such as NCIS, Criminal Minds, and the CSI franchise, but even those get tedious after a while. The
sheer weight and volume of the violence on Criminal Minds makes it something I can only watch

In contrast, TV used to be fun. Maybe slightly less realistic, sometimes a bit predictable, and yes
frequently not as good as they could have been. But for all that, there were solid, sharp, engaging shows
that week in and week out did a great job of story telling and thus provided dependable entertainment.
Below are several shows that I have found to be most enjoyable, often thought provoking, and superior
in most ways (excepting primarily special effects) to the best shows on TV today. On some shows I'll hold
forth at length while on others I may only briefly sum up the series. They are presented in no particular

Route 66 , 1959-1963

The Fugitive , 1963-1967

The Naked City , 1958-1963

The Virginian , 1962-1971

Rawhide , 1959-1965

Mannix , 1967-1975

Checkmate , 1960-1962

The Untouchables ,1959-1962

Cheyenne , 1955-1963

To Be Continued.....
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