People & Things I Like
Lists of things that people DON'T like are common. Who doesn't have a bunch of pet peeves they
want to share with the world? I thought I'd be different and make a list of stuff I LIKE. I don't include
people I personally know because then I'd get in trouble over who I left out. I also don't include
obvious things like "eating a good meal" or "winning a fabulous sum of money" since those are
pretty much universally popular. These are listed in no particular order and I may change the list
occasionally. When a "like" is a link click for details!

U.S. political history, especially from 1840-1960
Ronald Reagan
Abraham Lincoln
Dallas - the TV show
Louis Lamour's books
Tom Selleck
Johnny Carson
Ken Holt & Rick Brant
The books of Frances & Richard Lockridge
Jack Benny
Books of mystery by Fredric Brown
Rt. 66 (the TV show)
Nero Wolfe
Robert DeNiro, his acting, not his attitude
Clark Gable, his acting, and his attitude
Old cars, especially from the 1950s
The writings of August Derleth
The Fugitive
Lew Archer
Children's series books
The music of Vernon Dalhart
The humor of James Thurber
Kay Francis
Old records, you know, what we had before CDs (CDs, what we had before MP3 players)