The Tuckers were a rambunctious family direct from mid 20th Century America. Featured in
nine full length books from 1961 to 1964, the Tuckers are seldom discussed or chronicled.

Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, Tina, Terry, Merry, Penny, Tom, Toby the dog, and Sugar
the cat. These were the Tuckers.

As the series opens the family is loaded into their station wagon (that is what families drove
before mini-vans and then SUV's came along!) and are moving from their cramped
apartment in Castleton to a new home in Yorkville.

Yorkville was the boyhood home of Jim Tucker ( that is Dad) and Grandma and Grandpa still
live there and operate their store called Tucker's Town Talk. The Tuckers are moving into a
big old house that had belonged to a friend of the family many years before.

Yorkville is described as a "small midwestern town on the shores of Lake Annabelle" and
the population is given as 50,000. In reality though Yorkville comes off as a much smaller
town than that. Grandpa also owns a summer cottage on Lake Annabelle which is the site of
two of the best books in the series.

The series was published by Whitman, written by Jo Mendel and illustrated by Jackie
Tomes. "Jo Mendel" was a pen name used by Gladys Baker Bond, who also wrote some of
the Trixie Belden series along with various other books. Each Tucker book is 280-282 pages
with numerous full and half page line drawings throughout. Each book was a different color.
Turquoise, yellow, blue, red, green, orange, white, brown, and finally pink. The illustrations
were always the same color in a given book,  green four times, twice in brown, once in blue,
and twice in red/purple.

The quality of both the writing and the drawing varied from book to book. Also the mood
was subject to unusual variance for series books. Some of the books were bright and airy
while others had a somewhat claustrophobic feel to them. Since life is made up of good
days and bad, I credit the author with giving the books a more realistic feel by using this

The Tuckers also appeared in at least four Whitman Big Tell-A-Tale books in the mid 1960's.

Here now a list of titles. Click on each title for a view of its cover.

Book 1. The Wonderful House
Book 2. The Special Secret
Book 3. The Adventures of Plum Tucker
Book 4. Trouble on Valley View
Book 5. The Cottage Holiday
Book 6. Tell a Tale of the Tuckers
Book 7. The Turn-About Summer
Book 8. Here Comes a Friend
Book 9. That Kitten Again
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